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The most sustainable and lowest impact denim we can make today.

The Paradise capsule is a statement of our future intent to lead the way in denim sustainability and to advocate for change within the denim industry.

Our goal is to reach this level of sustainability for all our jeans by 2020.

The future of denim

The Paradise Capsule consists of five denim styles in a new responsible denim, specially developed for M.i.h Jeans in partnership with ISKO, the only denim mill in the world to be awarded the EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel environmental certifications.

The Paradise denim is a 10 ozs, 2 x 1, selvedge denim made with organic cotton, ensuring no chemicals were used in the cotton farming process and water use was dramatically reduced. The denim has been dyed and finished with certified low impact treatments.

The pieces have been washed with innovative treatments to ensure the least amount of water-wastage, and to reduce environmental impact as far as possible. Trims include recycled polyester badges, and recycled paper hangtags.

Our most sustainable denim ever.

Our sustainability manifesto

We are reducing our impact on the earth.

We know it’s under pressure, a lot of this caused by our industry: too big, too self-involved, too fast, too cheap. Our outlook, motivation and experience mean we want to pioneer change.

This manifesto is a snapshot of our work so far and our plans for the future.

Read Our Manifesto

Send us your denim & get 25% off a new pair of jeans

Reduce your impact and help us close the loop by sending us your old denim for recycling. And when we receive your old jeans and denim pieces, we’ll give you 25% off your next pair of jeans.

Our new recycling initiative seeks to limit the environmental impact of new clothes and reduce textile waste.

Your old denim and jeans will be recycled into new yarns for new denim, and old jeans will become new jeans.

Join us in taking a stand against the culture of disposable fashion.

Send Us Your Denim