Welcome to the inner workings of MiH Jeans HQ! Everything that happens in the world of MiH Jeans starts here; in a big old warehouse in Chelsea, London that we have come to see as our home away from home (but with a lot of hard work thrown in, and several cups of tea per person per day!).

This picture is of the inspiration wall in our office – most of the pictures are of Chekkie Lonsdale, the original MiH Jeans muse and mother of Chloe Lonsdale, the founder and designer of MiH.

From today we will be giving you glimpses of what we are working on, places we are visiting, what is inspiring us and anything else we can think of.

Feel free to give your input too – we would love to know what our MiH fans are thinking.

With love from the MiH Team x