by Pandora Sykes


The Cult Jean Project is about the synergy between a woman and her favourite jeans - that pair that elicits a very personal worship - whatever the wash or rise. They act as a blank canvas; upon which the wearer can project her own spirit. Just look at the ease in which these six accomplished creatives, based between London and LA, dance and stretch and laugh and twist - all in their favourite pair of jeans. The intimacy of each young woman, in her cult jeans, chimes well with the photographic poetry created by Los Angeleno photographer, Amanda Charchian, for So It Goes magazine, issue 9.


Charchian captures the serenity of British singer Ellie Rowsell, the front woman of 4-piece band, Wolf Alice - taking a moment to catch the liquid light in her light wash Phoebe jeans. In contrast to Rowsell’s pause, actress and activist Jazzy de Lisser inhabits the Marrakesh Bee jeans whilst in whimsical, playful motion. De Lisser, oft (and inaccurately) side-lined as an It Girl, made her film debut aged just 17, with her 2009 short, My Story of C, about her life as a Hepatitis C sufferer. Part of the illustrious Game of Thrones alumni, De Lisser appears in thriller, Thumper, out later this year.


On the subject of Thrones, you’ll likely recognise actress Charlotte Hope, in her Bridge jeans and battered Chucks; a timeless look for a timeless face. The impeccably educated Hope – Oxford, via a year at Ecole Jacques Le Coq theatre school in Paris – can be next seen next in Three Christs, with Richard Gere. Gala Gordon is typically described as the quintessential ‘English Rose’ but it’s an ill-fitting tag for the vivacious, half Argentinian beauty, who lends a certain sassiness to the boyfriend-fit Linda jeans. With roles in Kids in Love and theatre productions of The Seagull and Hamlet, Gordon is also known for her occasional and stunning foray as a fashion plate.


Then there's Birmingham-born model and actress Anna Brewster, in thoughtful repose. Proving herself as adept on screens both small and large – in Versailles and Star Wars – as she does in an Hermes campaign, she wears the definitive new style: the Cult jean. Last but never least, London-based artist Lea Marcaccini shows she does classic as well as kook, in a crisp man’s white shirt and the Caron jeans. With a female gaze that chimes well with Charchian’s work – her ‘intergalactic art and design initiative’ Making Art and Breaking Hearts features plenty of nudes in natural climes – Marcaccini’s work is influenced by her upbringing in Cuixmala, Mexico.


The Cult jean is a new style for M.i.h - available in light wash Trip and mid-blue Unwash. To get technical: instead of stretching through the weft, the jeans stretch vertically through the warp. But who needs to get technical, when it’s just you and your favourite jeans? Call them cult. And - forgive us, but it's true - call them yours.


M.i.h Jeans collaborated with culture and style magazine, So It Goes, to create a portfolio series of stills and video featuring six creative, young British women living between London and LA. The project came to life as a fourteen-page editorial in Issue 9 of the magazine, released in April 2017.


So It Goes is a biannual magazine that champions the original voices of today across seven chapters: The Actors, The Directors, The Artists, The Collection, The Musicians, The Places and The Writers.


The magazine is a meeting place for a global network of photographers, journalists and other creatives. In a digital world, So It Goes is a reminder of the power print magazines have to touch lives and reveal the issues, places and people that deserve to be brought closer to home.


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