Denim is personal. The preferred fit of a jean, or the cut of a denim jacket is often instinctual, embedded in your personality. The Denim Girls Project is personal denim brought to life, inspired by the era when personalised denim – patched, embroidered, frayed – became a badge of creativity.


Home customisation was a staple of the hippy movement’s liberated style and we’ve created a modern take on its iconic aesthetic. Whether you want to tailor your denim, request applique patches or even commission hand-stitched embroidery to decorate your clothing, the result is completely bespoke. At the heart of M.i.h is always the 70s, so the customisation techniques we are offering through our online service will allow you to create the full funk and flash aesthetic. Rope stitching and wrapped edges are created by hand in our London studio. Step hems and half collars are cut to order. If you want to go the whole way and do it yourself, our vintage-inspired patches come in packs that can be applied at home, or we’ll apply them to your choice of denim. If you want more, we’ll apply the techniques to your current favourite M.i.h denim, or even vintage, jeans. If there’s something specific you want that you can’t find through our personalisation tool? Just tell us; we’ll make it happen.


During a period where fashion is evolving at a frantic pace, we’re celebrating your favourite denim pieces that you truly love, that you invest time and energy into making just right. We’ve worked with some of our favourite women -- creatives from the fields of poetry, photography, fashion and music -- to bring the service to life by creating their own custom denim. What it comes down to is that M.i.h denim should feel like your own, and it should be worn the way that you want.


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