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B for bum

Our square back pocket is an original 70s detail with perfect positioning to give a great, lifted shape. Explore the letters of the alphabet from B for bum to S for sisterhood, we bring to life what we stand for through the Denim A-Z.


b for bum

u for upside down
z for zipper
R for romance

Denim girls capsule

We asked six of our favourite girls from our global M.i.h Jeans sisterhood to explore the tradition of using denim for self-expression by choosing words and messages to personalise their favourite pieces. The result is a Denim Girls Capsule of 12 pre-customised styles created by British Poet Lily Ashley, Spanish actor, Marina Ontanaya, New Zealand-born stylist and fashion editor Chloe Hill, German editor Stella von Senger, Norwegian stylist Annabel Rosendahl, and Swedish stylist, Hilda Sandstrom.