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August 15, 2014

Danielle Zalcman New York + London 1


NEW YORK + LONDON. The urban homes of our two corporate offices in one set of beautiful, complicated images. As the artist Daniella Zalcman says on her website: 'After a while, the cacophony of concrete and street life begins to blend into something more universal. My hope is that in the noise and silence, everyone will find something that feels like home.'


Danielle Zalcman New York + London 2


Danielle Zalcman New York + London 3


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March 17, 2014

We absolutely love this reimagining of the London tube map for the fashion conscious amongst us. Proving that London is the fashion capital of the world, we are rather partial to the station names Clapham Comme, Ladbroke Vogue and Grace Poddington.


Find out more about Stylight here



MiH Jeans Tube for Fashionista




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September 6, 2013

There is something amazing about the London Underground. There is so much history surrounding the 150 year old transport system that we love when people come up with new and (slightly) bizarre names for the stations. James Wannerton, from Blackpool, has created a map that shows what each station tastes like thanks to a neurological condition called synaesthesia that links senses which are normally experienced separately. So next time we head to Baker Street we are expecting burnt jam roly-poly, and sausage and egg from Tottenham Court Road.


London tube  


Image from the Telegraph

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July 15, 2013

We Feast


One of our favourite things about London is that there is always a new restaurant opening, however in our ever increasingly busy lives it’s hard to keep track of what’s the flavour of the week.


We Feast


This is why we love Feast – over 20 of London’s finest descend on a location and you do what the name suggests; eat a lot of food. 


Images courtesy of We Feast on Facebook


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April 26, 2013

Since 1981, the Sundance Institute has been dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. Originally founded by Robert Redford in the mountains of Sundance, Utah, the Institute is heading to London for the second time and we have a long list of films, music and discussions we are dying to attend. 


Here are some of our top picks of this year’s Sundance Festival in London:


Muscle Shoals


MUSCLE SHOALS – Documentary

When Rick Hall got a call from Paul Simon requesting the black players that played on I’ll take you there by The Staple Singers, Hall said yes but explained that they would be 'a little pale'. In a time of severe racial hostility, Stacks Records helped some of the greatest artists, black and white, to create bestselling albums and iconic songs such as Mustang Sally and Wild Horses.  This extraordinary documentary tells it all, featuring incredible interviews with Keith Richards, Aretha Franklin, Bono and Alicia Keys.


The Look of Love



Hailed as this year’s best Brit flick, the true story of adult magazine mogul and entrepreneur Paul Raymond (played by Steve Coogan) shows his rise to one of England’s richest men and, as he became known, the “King of Soho”. Through the movie you see Raymond push the boundaries of sexually morality in Britain, and bringing with it a litany of obscenity charges, a failed marriage, troubled children, and personal tragedy. We'll be watching for sure.


Images coutesy of Sundance Festival London 

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