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Love Haight

Jul 18, 2014 8:13:24 AM

MiH Jeans Haight San Francisco



Haight, San Francisco, was the epicentre of hippy culture in the US in the 60s. With its colourful buildings and streets full of character, this is the home of eclectic and the inspiration behind our new Haight print for AW14.


MiH Jeans Janis Joplin Haight San Francisco


MiH Jeans The Grateful Dead Haight San Francisco


Images from here, here and here

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May 16, 2014 12:30:51 PM



Our shibori collection is a work of art; each hand dyed by one of the most talented and inspirational people we’ve ever met. Since you couldn’t all be in our masterclasses, here’s a brief history of this ancient art. 


Shibori is an ancient cloth dying technique originating in 8th century Japan, though ancient artefacts are now being found across Africa, India and South America. In 700 AD silk was outlawed in Japan for everyone but the emperor, and so his subjects wore cotton, embellished for special occasions with readily available natural indigo dye (which eventually became known as the dye of the people).


The Art of Shibori


From humble roots has grown a rare art form, including some of the most beautiful kimonos the world has ever seen – the most special of which took, and still take, several shibori experts working together an entire year to complete. In these instances, they use an incredibly skilled and painstaking process where lightweight silk is tightly wrapped in tiny sections and secured with even tinier stitches. The fabric is then immersed in huge pots of indigo dye and once dried, thousands of these tiny stitches are carefully undone to reveal the bespoke pattern which remains where the fabric has resisted the indigo. For everyday garments, without the $50,000 price tag, shibori patterns are created by twisting, knotting, stitching and tying the fabric to create resists before immersing the fabric.


MiH Jeans x Niki Livingston Shibori Collection




An in-depth study of shibori is the unveiling of a social and cultural history (just spend 5 minutes with Niki and you’ll be entranced) - here’s some recommended reading here, here and here if we’ve caught your fancy.



Indigo: Egyptian Mummies to Blue Jeans

Adire cloth in Nigeria: The preparation and dyeing of indigo patterned cloths among the Yoruba

Indigo: The Colour that Changed the World

top image from here

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Mar 27, 2014 12:21:00 PM

Do you love our watermelon print as much as we do? Have a slice of the action with our downloadable wallpapers for your PC, tablet and mobile desktop. Thanks to the lovely Bernadette Pascua for the beautiful illustration! 


Download for the watermelon wallpaper for PC and Laptops

Download for tablets

Download for phones


MiH Jeans Watermelon Wallpaper


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Jan 27, 2014 12:44:49 PM

There is nothing better than a night at the theatre and one of our favourite places to see a show is Shakespeare’s Globe. We were delighted to hear that the second theatre, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, is now open and built within an inch of The Bard’s Jacobean dreams.  Even though the playhouse is a lot smaller than the globe, the visuals inside do not disappoint. The stage backdrop is carved and gilded, with trompe l’oeil decorations on the walls and the standout feature? It is all lit by candlelight. 



Sam Wanamaker Playhouse


Book tickets here // image credit here


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Jan 24, 2014 10:54:40 AM

Paris has been named Lonely Planet’s number 1 city to visit in 2014 and we can understand why. With the new car free zone along the Left Bank avec floating gardens it has never been a better time to fall in love with Paris for the first time or all over again. Head to the MiH blog to see our team’s tips on where to go in Paris.




Susan, Global Head of Press

  • I always stop by one of the many many pharmacies dotted around Paris – I could (and do!) browse for hours but I am never without Goop’s guide to the French Pharmacy – essential reading for these trips I kid you not.
  • For the proper fashion experience, I go for dinner at Brasserie Lipp (so iconic, so French) or Café Ruc (I don't think I've ever managed to finished dinner before 2am…), and if I'm feeling really fancy, champagne at L'Avenue.


Natalie, Operations and Logistics Officer

  • Tacos in the front and cocktail bar in the back – Candelaria is my kind of place! 
  • The best steak I have had was at Chez Janou 
  • I will never get bored of Colette


Johan, Managing Director

  • Whenever I am in Paris I like to stay at Mama Shelter. It’s also great for dinner, drinks and live music.
  • I always enjoy dinner at Hotel Du Nord in Quai de Jemmapes


Jess, Head of Design

  • I like to walk through the Marais taking in the lovely shops – merci and centre commercial especially and the head to Place des Vosges which leads you through to the village of St Pauls. Here you will find a few lovely antique shops, including a vintage stationery shop that sells old exercise books and pencils.
  • If you're looking for somewhere to stay, the Ile St Louis is an utterly romantic place to stay in Paris. There is a lovely café at one end of the island that is tucked behind Notre Dame, serving tea and hot chocolate from silver teapots and jugs. You get a perfect view of the river and the back of Notre Dame, it's really peaceful and I like to think no one knows about it, though I did see Robert de Niro in here once…
  • Walk through the Latin quartier through to Odeon and St Germain, making time for all the cool French girl boutiques like Isabel Marant on Rue Jacob and Les Praries de Paris on Rue pre aux Clercs. There's a Laduree shop handily between the two, for a box of Langues des Chats biscuits in the best packaging.


SJ, Social Media and Online Marketing Officer

  • Free'P'Star is not just a store, it is an adventure. I have to prepare myself before I enter this vintage store but it is an Aladdin’s trove of goodies at very reasonable prices. You need to roll up your sleeves to sometimes find buried treasure but the thrill is worth it.
  • L'As du Fallafel is outstanding. It even got a shout out in the New York Times it is that good. It is so easy to find in Marais, just follow the queue of people.
  • My one huge indulgence in Paris is hot chocolate and cake at Angelina. I love to sit back and enjoy the elegance then attempt to work off the calories walking around the Tuileries Garden which is opposite. 


Image via here


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