‘Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed. chronicles Joseph Kosuth’s investigation into the role of language and meaning in art through his use of neon.


An important pioneer of conceptual art, the exhibition features 25 of Kosuth’s neon works. Kosuth initiated language based works and the use of photography in the 1960’s. His art strives to explore the nature of art rather than producing what is traditionally called ‘art’.

Living and working between New York and London, the artist characteristically turns his investigations of language and perception into series’ of neon works. He finds this layout opens up space for play and reflexivity. Kosuth’s work frequently references Sigmund Freud’s psycho-analysis and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language. 


‘Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed.’ by Joseph Kosuth will be showing at Sprüth Magers London until February 14th


Our Main Spring/Summer 2015 collection takes inspiration from the experimental Arizonian settlement of Arcosanti.


The town was founded in the 1970s by architect Paolo Soleri and built with the help of fellow architects and designers. The eco town strives to live as simply and peacefully as possible, embracing the bohemian subculture of the time.  

It is this pared-back way of living that we wanted to reflect in our Spring/Summer collection. Sun-faded ready-to-wear, artisanal lace up detailing and plaited ‘70s waistbands are the MiH uniform for the free-spirited.

Despite how many trends come and go, the one piece that outlives them all is the Breton. Introduced in France in 1858, the original Breton was the national Navy uniform. It featured 21 stripes. One for each of Napoleon’s victories. 

Inspired by the French sailors and their patriotic uniform, Coco Chanel introduced the design into her 1917 nautical collection. She designed the Breton top to be worn with long flared trousers; perfect for the fashionable Saint Tropez holidays of the time.

The look was made popular by Brigitte Bardot, Edie Sedgwick and Audrey Hepburn, and is now frequently seen on the fashion girls of our generation, like Alexa Chung and Kate Moss. Paired with denim, the Breton is a piece which transcends time and trends.

The Hutton Breton from the MiH Pre-Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Shop here.


London based ceramics artist Lubna Chowdhary is forging her own very unique artistic signature.


Known for her playful geometric creations, Lubna works with ceramic tiles using specialist hand-glazing techniques. Combining unique compositions of vibrant colour, shape and pattern, Lubna’s creations have transformed spaces all over the world including the Wales Millennium Centre, the Saatchi Gallery and the Park Hotel, New Delhi.



The Tim Burton classic, Edward Scissorhands has been brought to life by contemporary dance choreographer Matthew Bourne this winter.

 Bourne, famous for re-inventing fairytale classics like the Nut Cracker and Sleeping Beauty, works his magic once more. Captivating until the very last moment; the set design, costumes and score, performed by the New Adventures Orchestra, are otherworldly in their ability to enchant, humour and entertain. An absolute must see.  


Tickets available until 11th January 2015 - sadlerswells.com

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